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Greek Table is a family-owned business serving Mediterranean appetizers at local farmer’s markets. Our mission is to provide freshly made appetizers, featuring locally grown produce, to customers at local farmer’s markets. All of our perfectly crafted dips are made with the freshest sustainably grown ingredients and designed to supported complete nutrition for the body. We have grown alongside our community by supporting local farmers that practice traditional and sustainable agricultural methods. Originally, our menu consisted of five items. However, as the demand for our products grew, we found ourselves experimenting with seasonal vegetables and chickpeas, and soon our menu developed into over twenty items. Some of these items are seasonal, so we make sure to have something new and interesting for our regular customers. After the success we achieved in Southern California, Greek Table is currently expanding its business into the local farmers markets in Sacramento and the Bay Area. We believe that by providing healthy choices to our community we create a better environment for generations to come.

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Alameda, California, United States

(415) 910-8448